World Masters and Silver

World Masters.
Well here it goes. Having not lifted before in America it was a great experience and very memorable in more ways than one. The last week towards the comp my body weigh was fine and was probably the best it has been for a long time now. I made weight comfortably on the day and was not dehydrated or starving.
Squats went well despite missing my last one on 305kgs. A clip on the rack on the way up knocked my balance and despite feeling that the weight was ok I did not make it.
Bench well what can I say I lost my upper body strength somewhere so if anyone finds it please give it back. Missing my opener off 210kgs and then having to retake it again was a pain in the ass. Then i went onto missing my third also. Deadlifts well if I am honest the last few sessions I had done were not the best at all for someone with small fat hands I have to work on grip and pulling as fast as possible. My last deadlift off 255kgs was a weight I have lifted a million times. However this day it was not to be. I dropped out just above the knees. Anyway the medal count was. Gold on the squat and bench. Bronze in the deadlift the strange thing for me is that I seem to be getting on the platform for deadlift medals at quite a few internationals these days. Not bad for someone who is not a natural deadlifter image
So what’s next. Well lots off grip work that’s for sure I really need to start to work on that again and keep into off that, missing weights I can pull is just a big fat no no.


Also can I say a big Thank You to Titan Support Systems for the kit I received at the Worlds. They have supported me with Kit for some time now and it is all top class.
Well next up for me comp wise is the home nations in a few weeks. This time I will be lifting for Wales and it is always a pleasure to be selected for this comp, there is a fun side to this also lots of friendly banter whilst the lifting is going on.

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