Welsh Power Cup

Hi People. Here we are the week off the first comp off the year. Sunday the 1st is the Welsh Power Cup. In the last few weeks I have changed my training around and tried a few new things. Think my squat and deadlift have responded well however I am not to happy with my upper body strength and feel that change has not worked well for my bench. However nothing ventured nothing gained. There has been some short videos posted up on my face book page.
So I think after the comp it will be a time to reflect on what has worked and what has not. The main objective off this comp is to focus on my raw strength and get some good work in before I return to kit for the other comps that I have planned this year. The main objectives will be retain my IPF World and European titles, maybe even hold onto the best lifter awards also.
However the journey to all that will start at the British champs in April. This year I get to compete at the open and masters now the GBPF have combined the Nationals. I am sure it will be a packed out weekend at Moulton Collage with the juniors. Seniors and masters all going head to head.
As I said earlier with regards to training I changed things around to have a few changes without using any kit and the early signs will be a change around in the upper body work outs. Also I have started to incorporate some yoga in to my life. I have found that I need work on some flexibility and also it helps me to relax. Having used yoga now for a few sessions I found it has defiantly made a difference in my posture and flexibility. I am hoping it would help iron out a few niggles and balance my body out a bit better

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