Welsh Championships 2018

Finally, here is my take on last week’s Welsh championships. Firstly, I decided to lift in the higher weight class to what I normally would have done, not having the best-off build ups towards this comp made me adjust a few things. Thinking back my training was based on weights that although I had done before I was not in that condition to do them at this point. Along with a few other points I needed to adjust some of hat was set out in the last few weeks. For me whilst I always work to a training plan there must be an element that can adjust a few things when needed to.
So anyway, on to the comp like I said I went over my weight and was 76.6Kgs and that a was pleased with for a start, this weight was after breakfast and with a full belly from eating well all day before.
So, Squats I had opted to open on 217.5Kgs for a comfortable start and then went on to do 230/237.5Kgs both being British masters 1 records. Tbh my last lift felt good and there was more in the tank.
Bench well with an opener of 155Kgs and making hard work of that I went up 2.5Kgs for a far better lift I decided to have a shot at the British record with 160.5Kgs and today it was just too heavy and was not too be. Deadlifts went well and again comfortable opener on 225Kgs gave me a total and then I moved onto 235Kgs for a British Masters 1total record, my final attempt was 242.5Kgs and again a successful lift gave me the increase on the total record.
So, all in all I was very pleased with the out come from the day 4 British records. And, each lift set and reset the Welsh records in the master’s 1 Classic side of Powerlifting. The only part of this build up that was not changed was to compete Classic and that side I am pleased about the outcome.
Now for those of you who may have noticed my sponsors Titan support systems have now done a Welsh National Singlet. And wow it turned out great, I was fortunate to have some input into the final design and it does look smart, well done to Titan for another class product.

So, what is next then, Time to reassess my training and move onto the European Masters in July. Defending my title and hopefully do it with some good lifting. It will be back into the Equipped side and think after last weeks comp the fire is now burning and I was to bounce back with a good days lifting at this event.

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