Weekly Training Update

Here is my weekly update on how thing are going. It is great to be back in the Gym and starting to focus on the Event that is later in the year.  The Europeans is going to be in Maripol In the Ukraine in may.  That should be a good Trip and I am sure that Team GB will do well there. Myself I am hoping to get there I have started to look towards the sponsorship for the trip and feel like it will be a great one to take part on. For any of you who are interested I have now started to use some more of the NRG range of supplements and I am currently going to use the TTP product. They also have a TTP anabolic and for me I don’t want the extra carbs at this point that there is in the Anabolic version.  If any of you guys are interested in any of the NRG products then please feel free to ask about them or if you are down my way and you want any I have them at good prices.

Anyway back to the gym, started some light foundation work to get me prepared for the main build up in a few weeks. I am going to stick to what I have been doing for the main lifts and change the assistance around and maybe incorporate some band and chain work. My training partner was on about bands on leg press so we had a go at them and they were good. Well done Pete on making some input lol

So what is next for you guys there are a few Comps going to be around soon and what do you have planned for yourselves.

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