Hi guy’s here is a bit of an update as to how things are going on in not so sunny Swansea. With everything going on and now the year almost over I am looking back on it and thinking it may not have been too bad a year for me. Not got some of the lifts I wanted but hey suppose even if I had done then I would have still wanted more
I am now going back to basics for a while and doing some serious ground work and hammering the raw stuff again. Some guys think just because you’re a equipped lifter you don’t do raw, Well this one does and I enjoy the raw stuff however my priority is equipped. After all with Titan backing me with the best kit on the market I can’t go wrong. I enjoy the raw stuff and the guys who do it I have the greatest respect for however, we are all different. Saying that who knows there might be something lined up at some point to put a few rumour’s to bed about my raw strength.
With a few of the dates for next year changing I am yet to really start a build up for any major events, has left me time to get the adjustment’s with myself sorted and I can get focused on some serious things for the forthcoming year. Maybe some band and chains to assist with the training over the next few weeks till I can confirm a date and then start to build up towards it Nationals.
On another note have you seen the results at the IPF worlds this week WOW is all that comes to mind, some great lifting and a big WELL DONE to Team GB. Let’s hope that the year ahead goes as well for them as for all the other who have been lucky to represent GBPF at the Internationals.

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Henry

    Hi Phil, been following the blog for some time now, looking forward to seeing you back on the waggon again in 2014! Whereabouts do you train in Swansea?

    1. phil Post author

      Hi Henry,
      I train in a small private gym just outside the city center. Small and basic but has all my needs


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