The Start of the Build up for “WEC”

Morning guys, what a wet week it has been great weather if you’re a fish I suppose.  The last few weeks have been a bit of a mess around training for me till I start my program on Monday. I have had a go at a few raw singles to see what I could do if I was inclined to have ago at the raw comps I was surprised at a few of the lifts and although I do train without kit I don’t really max on anything in the gym and that sort of goes for with kit also, I just don’t see the point of lifting to max in the gym. For me that is what a comp is for. We have had some great news this week also regarding the four Home nations Wales are now holding the event and it is going to be held in Newport. Well done to Rob Thomas for all he has done in his quest to get this event up and running the web site for it is

With regards to myself I have now sorted out a build up and will be starting it on Monday, it is mainly focused towards the Western European championships in September however I will be doing a local comp in August. I have changed a few things around that I was not happy with on the last build up and hopefully this time I will be totally injury free and able to get a good result out at the September comp.  the basic template is going to be the same I am however changing the days I do things on and adding a few things back in that I know give me the results I want. With regards to my supplementation I am going to be using TTP Anabolic by NrgFuel, some 100% whey and the good old Bcca and Glutamine for recovery. Maybe even some NO2max to get me through those hard sessions


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