The Final week Training GBPF Brits 2015

Well here we are guys the end of the build for this year’s British Championships. Things have gone as planned out in the gym; however the result at the GBPF British will be the proof off how well things have gone. In the last few weeks I have trained at my Gym and when I have been in Glasgow I have been training at Extreme Gym in the Center of town. It is a great place to train, the gym owner Pavel is a good guy and has put some thought into how a gym should be. Lots of Kit and weight, and a power cage where the hard-core lifting can go ahead. Fair to say if any off you are up that way it is well worth checking out for a session.


I have done a video from the last weeks training and in the last week I built up to a 292.5Kg Squat for a double, it felt ok but it was the first time in this build up I used a full lifting suit.
For the Bench I worked up to a PB Double in my comp shirt of 207.5Kgs. The deadlift was the same a suit was put on and up for the first time and there was a school boy error on the last session, feeling strong I decide to have ago at a double on 247.5Kgs but one the second rep the bar was out in front of me and on the second rep it meant I was way out of line, on the plus side my grip did not give out like it has done so many times before so I am pleased with that part off the attempt..

So with this year’s British Being combined for the first time I am now not only going to try to defend my British Masters Title but go to regain the Open one also, All I can say to the guys there watch out the Master is going full guns blazing. Hopefully this win will be the first off the year and set me up for the rest of the year and put me onto my way to retain my World and European titles.
Can I say a big Thank You to the people who help sponsor me and support me, NRG Fuel has been great with their help with supplying my supplements. Thanks Guys
Then we have Titan Support systems who supply me with the Best Powerlifting Apparel in the World. Without people like this it would only make things harder to be the best around

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