The Bench is coming Back

Here we are just about a month till the Europeans and thing are
going ok. My should let issue is now looking a lot better and I am now
back to benching, despite the weights not being up to what I would
expect at this point in my build up I am able to Ben h with minimal pain
and discomfort. I will however have to be careful in the next few weeks
in case it flares up again and i get knocked back.
With regards to my other lifts they are all on plan and last week’s weights were Squat
252.5kgs and deadlift was 222.5kgs. All done with a little bit off kit
and for some reps still. My training cycle will change this week and
the reps will drop down a bit and still however carry on with multiple
set’s or another few weeks.
Over the next few weeks I will be keeping
an eye on my body weight and carry on with the cardio to help with my
recovery. Who knows I may even get to go back to yoga for a while I have
to say I found that good for mobility and to relax in my general busy
With regards to my supplementation I won’t change anything other than try to add some more protein in each day.

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