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Welsh championships

So, with the Welsh Championships only a few weeks away the training has started to wind up and taper down ahead of the comp. With a few things going on I have decided to lift over weight at this event and go in a light 83(well very light). Things have gone good for me and I think things are all on target for what I have in mind. As you all know though it is all down to what happens on the day and even as an experienced lifter your still at the mercy of the Rules and lifting to them. Training is great but there is always a chance you are not lifting to the rules and we do tend to pick up bad habits and that sort of things.

So, this week we have a few bits left to do and then it will be rest up till comp day, some light moves in the week and a massage will all get me ready for the day. Unfortunately, there is limited spectators allowed on the day, but on the other side anyone who wants to watch the event it will be live streamed on the Welsh Powerlifting association You tube channel:


with the numbers in Wales now getting bigger and bigger they have the championships over 2 days (30thApril/1St May). Myself I am on the Sunday now if anyone wants to watch. It is great to see how much Powerlifting has grown and more so in Wales.

Aprils Training

Here it is a bit late sorry about that guys, life has been manic the last few weeks what with work and house life it has not stopped.
I have finally sorted out my Flip video and now have some clips from last week’s sessions, I was unable to get the heavy squats in but the weight was 262Kgs for 2 sets of 2. Bench I am now up to 185Kgs and deadlift was 220Kgs. My bicep scare is seaming ok now and I am happy to say I am not worries about it going again, for a while I thought it was about to go but now I am confident it is ok. It is just under 3 weeks away to the National Masters and I feel ok, Bodyweight is very good and I am happy with the way it is going. This week I plan on using some suits to deadlift and squat in. Bench is still a loose shirt for now.