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Aprils Training

Here it is a bit late sorry about that guys, life has been manic the last few weeks what with work and house life it has not stopped.
I have finally sorted out my Flip video and now have some clips from last week’s sessions, I was unable to get the heavy squats in but the weight was 262Kgs for 2 sets of 2. Bench I am now up to 185Kgs and deadlift was 220Kgs. My bicep scare is seaming ok now and I am happy to say I am not worries about it going again, for a while I thought it was about to go but now I am confident it is ok. It is just under 3 weeks away to the National Masters and I feel ok, Bodyweight is very good and I am happy with the way it is going. This week I plan on using some suits to deadlift and squat in. Bench is still a loose shirt for now.