South Midlands Classic May 2016

My biannual classic comp

Well last weekend I competed at the South Midlands classic comp down in Gosport, England. Fair to say it is completely different to lifting equipped and the whole thing seems to be stress free to a certain extent. Lifting wise I will say the build-up had gone great and whilst my upper body strength is not as good as it should be right now I was pleased with the way everything had gone.

On the day I hit a few PB’s on the squat and deadlift. It was a few years ago I held the classic British deadlift record with 243Kgs and this weekend I did 245kgs with relative ease. The squat again was a massive PB for me with 250Kgs. The overall result was 655Kg total @74. Think that puts me in the mix really with the classic lads and whilst I was unable to break any national records there it is good to know my lifts did exceed them. Who knows maybe another raw comp could be on the cards again this time it could be sooner than the last one before this. For me I love lifting equipped and that is my priority.

So what’s next well the European Masters will be here soon and from now on in it is back to kit in prep for that.  So it is back to the gym and time to focus on some equipped lifting in readiness for a title defence.

Also here is the link for the video from last weekend’s lifting.  Kings never die is the music. Sounds good to me guys

2 thoughts on “South Midlands Classic May 2016

  1. Joseph Gregorio

    Really impressive lifting here Phil!

    You are an absolute beast – seen a couple of your videos around and I have to say, your finesse and overall power is simply top notch.

    Keep up the great work!


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