Snow and more snow seems to be the order of the day, Well things are starting to warm up with the training. The last few weeks I have been focusing on the Bench ready for the comp in March. I did start the coan deadlift Program also but last week I was a bit under the weather and felt that I could not do my deadlifts so I have decided to make sure I am fit and healthy and start it again. This time I plan to use it towards the British Masters and see how things go at the comp.
Well at about 2 degrees the gym was def cold this morning and the order of the day was reps and lots of them on the squat with a light weight but to get the blood flowing around these tired legs of mine.
I was asked the other day about what Supplements I have been using and as you will be aware I am Proudly Sponsored by NRG Fuel. Well my answer was Breakfast Whey for my first meal of the Day and before training I have been using the TTP. The other times i use 100% Whey and this time I am trying out chocolate orange, Well Lush I do have to say. The only other product I am using is CLA now to help with my weight management, the strange thing is I am not really over weight after the festive season.
On another note for all you Powerlifters out there I have been told that Titan Support systems have revamped their signature series knee wrap. The feedback is it is great as good or if not better than the THP but not as harsh on the legs. More about them when I get mine from Titan

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