Signature Wraps From Titan Support Systems

Signature wraps

Right guys just to let you all know I am now in possession of the Revamped Signature series wrap from Titan. At first feel they are similar to the THP wraps but they do have more pull and they are not as rigid. Since they turned up after squats this week I have not used them to squat yet (that will be Monday now). However I did use the wrist wraps last night to bench and they felt solid. I will let you all know how they feel after squats next Monday, if the try out I had in the house is anything to go by then they will be a good wrap and another Quality product from Titan.

2 thoughts on “Signature Wraps From Titan Support Systems

  1. Matt

    hi i really want a pair of these but cant find anywhere in uk to buy from? where did you get them?

  2. phil Post author

    At the moment I think they are only available from the USA Try Plgearonline they should have them in stock.
    I was lucky because I am sponsored by Titan


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