Raw lifting and foundation work

Right here goes on the blog bit. Things are going good on the training front hitting the raw training a bit hard at the moment; I have time now to get some good foundation work in. The master plan for the year ahead has changed a bit. I am now going to do the National bench press in the hope of qualifying for the world masters bench being held in England. There are no international power comps for a while and it gives me something different to focus on. I don’t consider myself as a bench specialist however it is a new challenge and I do like a challenge.
I have posted a video this week of my raw squats, the last few weeks I have been playing with the SBD knee sleeves, it is time I left my comfort zone and pushed things a bit harder. Since turning a master it has opened up whole new avenue of opportunities and challenges. I am now stronger that ever and feel I can still improve and do some bigger weights at every event I chose to turn up at.
Here is the video of the raw squats we used a different camera angle for the first set

On another note this weekend has seen some great lifting YNE champs has had a massive amount of lifters and also the west Mids. Both have had numerous records and YNE had Mr Cooper do some great classic lifting and back from injury not only lifting but breaking British classic records. WM saw the welsh girls going great guns and smashing PBs all over the place. I think it is fair to say GBPF lifting is going well and if these sort of numbers can carry over to national level then we can have some really good championships and full days lifting. All in all it is inspiring for people even myself. Big well done guys

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