Quad Update

Well guys it is now looking like the little quad injury is now healed and with some rest and therapy I am feeling confident that it will be ok from now on in to the Euro Masters. Towards the end of last week I did a few raw lifts to test it and managed a single on 200Kgs with the squat and pull, both felt fine. So this week I am now going back to plan and see how it goes, I may however lower the working sets so not to cause any unwanted issues.
My bench is going really well also and I feel confident that I can “PB” also this week I hit 190 for sets of 3s and that is a training PB for me anyway. Still on the speed day I am using some bands with lightish bar weight and really pushing the speed side of the lift. With now being under a month away I think I will drop most of the assistance work and focus towards the main lifts in prep for comp day.
I am going to get a few videos done this week and post them at the end of the week. It is looking like I am going to squat at a different Gym to my normal one this week, the main reason is I am able to get a good spot and what with the quad thing I don’t want to take a chance.
Also another thing I was asked is what supplements am I using now towards this comp. Nrg Fuel have now had their Anabolic Whey out so I have been using that along with some Bcca and Glutamine mix and just some 100% whey before bed then to help with the recovery. I think that sort of covers most of what I need to top up and help with my recovery.
I will post later on this week as to how things go and let’s hope it all is a good as it should be

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