Quad issue

Morning guys, here I am now with some time to get the blog updated. On the training front things have been going well and to plan for the last few weeks. However there was a bit of an upset yesterday with the squat, during the warm up I felt a slight tear in my left Quad
I called that session to an end and came home and iced it up. Today it feels sore but I am going to Foam roll it a bit to see how that feels. I just hope this is something little and that I can get back into training after all the European Masters is just over a month away and I would really like to get some good lifts out there.
I was hoping to get some videos sorted but if we do then they will be missing the Squat, after all there is no point seeing me squat 60Kgs and in pain. This week I will be starting to use the bench shirt and the weights start to get up to normal training weights. The last few weeks I have been doing the Horncastle method and the last rep session ended in a failer on the last working set. Mind you 12 reps come on after a pyramid up to a heavy set of 3 then coming back down it just wiped my tricep strength out.
Deadlifts are going to plan also and feel good, again I have not used any kit on this build up so far and I hoping that this quad issue wont hinder my deadlift also this week and that I may be able to do something at some point.
Well with this lovely weather I think there is some outdoor cardio due today in the form of mowing the lawn.
Enjoy the sun guys while it is here

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