Phase 1 for Euros is now done

Time for me to update my blog with what has gone on in the first  phase off training. Squats and deadlifts have gone to plan the most was without kit. Unfortunately I have picked up a little boggle on the front deltoid and i working around that right now to make sure I am fit and healthy for the second phase on this build up.

In the second phase I am going to introduce some training kit as the weights get a bit heavier.
With regards to supplements I am still going to carry on with the anabolic whey and anabolic transporter from Nrg Fuel. Both are just a small part off their fantastic range and as always I thank them for the sponsorship I have had and it is great to be part off #teamnrgfuel
On another note a good mate off mine dropped me a new tshirt off. Any off you guys after specialist gym kit you should check them out Spartan fitness equipment. It was his logo #preparetowin on the back off some off the tops. Fair to say it is a good logo to have and sticks in my mind.
Over the last few days my trip to the Europeans has been finalised and the nominations are in and now with the flights and hotel booked it is reality. Let’s hope for a successful defence off my EPF Masters European Title.
On another note I am still trying to raid some funds to help with the cost off getting to the IPF Worlds and defend my title there in September, anyone wanting to help out can do so through my go find me account the link is

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