Europeans Championships 2018

So here is my take on the Europeans. Yes, I successfully defended my title, However I will say firstly I made hard work off it on the squats. Only managing to get my last squat passed by the referees a weight that I have done many a time and I did consider to be a comfortable weight. Not hitting depth on my opener, I stayed on 280Kgs and then hit the bottom mis grooved the lift and lost balance. Then I came out on my last and did the lift to satisfy the referees. Woooosh first Gold of the day


The Bench I opened on 200Kgs and then jumped to 207.5Kgs for another comfortable lift and that weight was picked to win the European Bench off between myself and Phil Frost. I then jumped to 220.5Kgs for another shot at the European record, coming quite close it was just lost at the top and despite not making it I felt it was a good try. My second was enough to gain the Gold on the Bench also.

The deadlift came, and I was really starting to feel depleted. My opener on 230Kgs was enough to secure the win and then a 242.5Kgs second gave me the Bronze in the deadlifts I did try 250Kgs, but it was not there and no where near on the day.

So, as I said the overall outcome was a win and with my poorest performance to date. Also placing 3rd in the Best lifters award.

So, what’s next then well all being well I am going to be lifting at the Arnold European classic in Barcelona during September. So, it is no peace for the wicked and it is back to training and adjusting the prep for that comp

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Paleo Nutrition Wales

So here is some great news for me to share with you guys. I have been fortunate to have picked up a new sponsor. The Guys at Paleo Nutrition Wales have started to help me with another aspect off my training. This time it is diet and they are going to make sure they fuel me up with their top-quality meat. So, for any of you who use the online way to purchase meat please check them out, you won’t be disappointed at the quality off all their cuts off meat.
Having these guys on board will definitely make it easier to get my diet spot on and with the quality they provide I know I am eating top quality meat.


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EPF Hall Of Fame

Right for any of you who don’t already know, Last month (May 18) at the EPF European open championships I was elected in to the EPF Hall Of Fame for my lifting. I was totally amazed to have been inducted into this Hall of Fame. Whilst I have been lifting for a number of years both nationally and internationally it was a complete bolt from the blue and a total honour to receive this award.

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Vice Grip

For any of you guys who know I am sponsored by Vicegrip who do some great training tops that will help you with the squat or bench side of training.  check them out and if you want to purchase a top I have a discount code for you PR10 will get you some cash off also,

Check them out on the link Below. 



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Welsh Championships 2018

Finally, here is my take on last week’s Welsh championships. Firstly, I decided to lift in the higher weight class to what I normally would have done, not having the best-off build ups towards this comp made me adjust a few things. Thinking back my training was based on weights that although I had done before I was not in that condition to do them at this point. Along with a few other points I needed to adjust some of hat was set out in the last few weeks. For me whilst I always work to a training plan there must be an element that can adjust a few things when needed to.
So anyway, on to the comp like I said I went over my weight and was 76.6Kgs and that a was pleased with for a start, this weight was after breakfast and with a full belly from eating well all day before.
So, Squats I had opted to open on 217.5Kgs for a comfortable start and then went on to do 230/237.5Kgs both being British masters 1 records. Tbh my last lift felt good and there was more in the tank.
Bench well with an opener of 155Kgs and making hard work of that I went up 2.5Kgs for a far better lift I decided to have a shot at the British record with 160.5Kgs and today it was just too heavy and was not too be. Deadlifts went well and again comfortable opener on 225Kgs gave me a total and then I moved onto 235Kgs for a British Masters 1total record, my final attempt was 242.5Kgs and again a successful lift gave me the increase on the total record.
So, all in all I was very pleased with the out come from the day 4 British records. And, each lift set and reset the Welsh records in the master’s 1 Classic side of Powerlifting. The only part of this build up that was not changed was to compete Classic and that side I am pleased about the outcome.
Now for those of you who may have noticed my sponsors Titan support systems have now done a Welsh National Singlet. And wow it turned out great, I was fortunate to have some input into the final design and it does look smart, well done to Titan for another class product.

So, what is next then, Time to reassess my training and move onto the European Masters in July. Defending my title and hopefully do it with some good lifting. It will be back into the Equipped side and think after last weeks comp the fire is now burning and I was to bounce back with a good days lifting at this event.

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Welsh championships update

So not too long now before the end off this training cycle and the Welsh Championships. Some off my thoughts on this build up was far from positive if I am honest. Whilst for most off it I have managed to do everything I set out there have been some waves along the way. Not being friends with my squat has been a pain and whilst I have still managed to plod on I did not feel it was as sharp as it is normally. Think for me the big change was this weekends squats. Whilst I am still a long way away from my best they actually felt ok in the end. Let’s hope me and the squat can now become friends again.
For those of you who noticed I was not at the British Equipped earlier in the year so that means I have to lift at the Welsh to show I am still good for being selected for this years internationals. The Europeans is back in Czech again and I do like that place. It is an easy place to get too and well being there so many times you know you’re way around. Mongolia for the Worlds and that is the major grey area if I am honest. We have been looking into that and the whole weighing up everything is coming into play. So more on that front later in the year. So what else can I say at this point? Lifting training not feeling the love and that sums it up really. Hopefully the mojo will jump back into place soon and the rest of the year can start to be planned out. Who knows maybe even win a few comps on the way

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Classic training and the time

Classic training. Well basically mean no kit, over the last few weeks I have started to get some raw training in, working on a few points that I want to address. For me the main thing I do find with training without kit is the time scale. Normally my equipped squats would take me 2 hours to complete. Yes I do go slow but sometimes I just need to take my time. But no doing the same amount of working sets I can get through it in under an hour. Maybe even 45 mins and that’s going some. Fair to say that’s a big difference. So not only am I saving time in the gym I am able to get a fair bit more done also. While I do feel worked after each session I think using lighter weights will help me and after all it is not always about lifting big weights all the time.
So anyway for now it will continue and hopefully my raw stuff will start to come back up a bit and to a tidy level again. Another thing I will say my body weight is still low and holding relatively close to my comp weight.

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Well fair to say after a little break from the gym the dreaded Dom’s have hit in and boy I can honestly say I have not missed you at all. It is surprising that I’m a few weeks you can go from lifting something g half decent to a weight that is far lower and feel like you have been hit by a bus. Suppose at this point it can okay get better is the phrase used quite a lot. Strangely though with regular training they disappear as quick as they come and then it is just the odd occasion they pop up again.
So for myself it is nice to drop right back in weight and now I am in a position to take it a bit easier for a while now and get back to some raw training in prep for the year ahead. Think most off my ore lay off aches and pains are feeling much better and the training at a much lower weight will definitely help keep all them at bay. So with time now on my hands I am able to address a few points that I would like to see changed around and to things that I know I need worked on. So with this all in mind and some sort off plan worked out that other thing I want to add back is the cardio to help me with my recovery. It is something that I don’t really enjoy but I know I have to do it. Being fitter can only be a plus for myself and help me with the work load when I am lifting weights so I guess they go hand in hand really.
So along with all this and my meal prep I am confident it will keep my body weight in check and close to where I should be and not up in the the high 70Kgs where I have been in the past, that is something I did not like and don’t want to be there again if I can help it. Don’t fancy being an 83Kg lifter at this point. Also I have changed the lay out off the blog and will have a little play about with it again and see if I can spice it up a bit. All the info is still here I just felt it needed a slight revamp after all it has been running in the original format for a while now.

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British Equipped 2018

Afternoon people, for those of you who follow my blog may have noticed that I did not lift at the recent British Equipped championships. Well unfortunately the week before the event my youngest boy broke his arm. On the Thursday before the British he has his check up and the consultant felt the arm was not sitting right and would not heal correctly. The prognosis was on the Friday he would be operated on and recast then for some weeks. Fortunately, when he was put under for the op they managed to manipulate the arm rather than use pins at this point. I was so proud off the way Lewis handled it and even now a week after he has been great with the situation.
So now my mini crisis is over it will be back to the drawing board and next up will be the Welsh Championships being held in Cardiff in April. This has now given me a chance to drop right back in weights and re adjust my training towards this event. There is some time now till the European masters and me having to defend my title in Czech Republic. It was a shame about the British, but these things happen, the world acclaimed #GBBO had to be postponed until the Euros now so Phil Frost you got your reprieve best get training hard for July.
Can I say also a big shout out to Marc Giles and the Horncastle for running an amazing comp combining the Full power and Bench only equipped lifting. It is nice to see the equipped side coming back up in the numbers again.

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Year end 2017

Here we are the end off 2017. Fair to say it has been a great year and at times like this it is nice to reflect on the tea that has passed.
So what’s happened in my lifting career then that stands out most. Tbh I am not sure this year I managed to retain my IPF World and European Masters titles. And along the way gaining a bunch off individual medals as well as the overall ones that count a bit more.
Then there was my Sporting Award from the Local radio for outstanding contribution to sport. That was something new this year and to win the first ever one was just fantastic. Again we have the British squat record I broke at the start off the year 312.5Kgs did an increase on my previous record by 1.5Kg. Strange to think that was standing for about 3 years and was also the current IPF masters world 74kg record at that point. Think it is fair to say that there have been a few things going in that went well for me this year.
So what is next then in 2018 ? Well firstly we have the British championships in a few short weeks, this year it is being held in Horncastle and Marc Giles and his crew run a great comp there. It is at this comp myself and Phil Frost have a Bench off to see who can press the most weight there. You may have seen the hashtag #GBBO it had nothing to do with the bake off this time.
Best off luck Frosty second is a good place to be.
On that front my shoulders have started to feel back to normal and the weights are coming back up nicely so let’s just watch this space and see how the next few weeks go in the final stages off the build up for the comp.
So as this year ends and another starts can I say a Big Thank you to My sponsors who are there Time and time again.
NRG Fuel. Titan support systems. Vicegrip
And to the Monsters down at Yonkas Gym who are there to spot me and help me out, cheers guys
So Thanks to you all for your help and support in all I do.
So for now may I wish you all a Happy new year and may you all get your dreams in the year ahead.

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