One Week Closer

Here we are another weeks training done and getting closer to the Western Europeans in September. It has been a great week and I have to say I have hit some PB’s this week.  For a change I did some squats and benches with a few of the guys down Burns Gym. The squats were 262.5Kg for doubles and feeling good I did a set of 4, half a suit and with knee wraps on. The bench was 180 also for doubles and again I squeezed a set of 4 out in the last set. Deadllifts went well working up to 217.5Kgs for a few sets at the start of the week. So on the whole being a busy week and with the routine all over the shop because of holidays and children off school I am more than pleased with the week’s progress. My weigh is around 75Kgs most of the time and I am now starting to feel the benefits of the weight, I still need to do some cardio though to get a bit fitter towards the comp but I am sort of hoping this one will be the one that makes up for the rest of them this year. It has been a badly planned year and I hope to make amends at the WEC.

I have some big lifts in me and think I just need the right time to bring them out, what with a good build up and the preparation being right I can get them out. Hope you guys like the video and feel free to comment on any of the posts in the blog.

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