Not long till the Worlds

I guess it is about time i update the blog page. I have just realised that this has slipped more than normal and I have not given it my attention. It has been easier lately posting on the social media sites and not really putting words down on paper well so to speak. So for some of the videos I have done check them out on there. 

So what’s new with training and all that stuff.  Well here we are a few weeks away for the Maters World championships and this year we are heading to South Africa, having been here a few times before but not to this part.  My training has gone ok so far I have changed a few things around in the kst few weeks and I guess it is an age thing really that makes you evaluate things. So at this point I am doing multiple sets of doubles. However I felt that I was not really recovering like I had some in the past. It was this that mad eme thing about dropping to singles for the top sets and just concentration on the lift that I am doing that day in training. Bodyweight has been good for a while now and I hope it keeps going like it has and the plan is to leave for SA around 75 kgs not 77 like normal. Having a sponsor who helps with my food intake is a big plus and Paleo Nutrition Wales have been a great help with supplying me with quality cuts of meat to help my diet.  Whilst I am not a massive eater I still have to eat and food prep is a big part of my weekly routine alongside the gym. It is not hard to take time to prep food and it does make a world of difference when balancing work life and all that.

Also having Titan support systems back me with my kit is a big bonus.  I have had some new bits and the main thing is a deadlift suit that seems to be fitting me well. I figure with it being a bit warmer a climate than I am used to I need to have a suit that is not super tight like I have in the past. Rather than have a custom I have gone for a standard size and I am really happy with the fit and how it feels when on me cheers Titan quality kit as always. 

For me the main focus in SA Is to win a and regain a world title I am not planning on any personnel bests just to make close to 9 lifts and bring the overall Gold back home with me.  

As usual here is the link to the nominations

And there will be a live feed also on the goodlift site for anyone interested in watching. This year I am lifting on Friday morning for a change and with SA being right down from us there is no time difference at all and that is a plus for me. Lifting outside you’re normal time zone is sometimes an issue but in fairness it affects everyone the same, well unless you are lucky to be living in the host country. 

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