New year and a look back

So here we are at the start of another new year, I am a bit late updating the blog about my rundown from the year that has just gone. Fair to say it was an eventful year, whilst not going to Mongolia to defend my World title was a decision that was made quite early in the year. Then there was the Double European Titles, the full Power and the Bench only. Not too bad considering I was not on form with my benching during the last part of the year. Whilst not being able to do the British at the start of the year due to my son breaking his arm. Well these things happen I suppose however, it was good that he made a speedy recovery. I did do a Classic comp not too long after that and lifted at the 83’s and set some M1 classic records on the day. Then the Europeans I just scrapped in a squat on my last and that was enough to keep me ahead of the rivals. The Bench in October was a roller coaster also and whilst being down on the discipline it was about being there for the win, we played the numbers game and it give me my second European title of the year.
I do think though the high light would have been being inducted into the EPF Hall of Fame, for me that was something that I never thought would have ever happened to me
So, what is the plan for the year ahead, well firstly I have the British Equipped In a few short weeks and there I hope to do something reasonable to secure selection for the forthcoming Internationals. So far it is only looking like sticking to the Full Power for this year, Whilst the Bench in Japan does sound appealing, it will be next time, I think.

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