Master’s and Pub Comp

Here we are now almost another week over with, it has been good so far it now looks like the Europeans are sorted booked up, Now got to get focused towards may and hopefully a few personnel bests at the event. This year it is being held in the Ukraine, it has been a while since I went there so I am looking forward to that also. Not quite behind the iron curtain but close enough. Next week it is the British Masters so if any of you are up Coventry way and want to watch some lifting there is a weekend full of it, Masters and Junior’s

Myself I am going along to qualify for the Masters worlds later in the year it will be good to lift but the main focus will be the Europeans that is where the training is heading towards.

For any of you who are in the Swansea area on April fool’s day we are going to have a Bench Press Comp in the Globe Inn, landore Swansea. The main thing is that we have a bit of fun and get the lifters to have a change of venue and some fun and a few beers after it. There will be prizes and a raffle and hope fully a full house to watch the lifting and cheer the guys on, There will be more details to follow on that as we get a bit closer to the date.

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