March’s Log

Almost another week over and I have now finally started a build up for the Europeans. I have set myself some realistic targets for the comp and I will have to train out of my comfort zone. I have adjusted my original program to reflect this and I have taken the advice of a trusted friend. There are going to be a few new things incorporated into the build up and even some split sessions. Now I have some free time during the days it makes sense to use it to the best of my ability.  I hope to use the split sessions to make the main work the full focus of the main session of the day and the split will be the assistance one. I have spoken to Titan and there is going to be some new Kit for the Europeans and we have changed a few of the fits in order to get the max out of my equipment. On the supplement side of things I have had a few new products from NRG FUEL and I am going to use them also during the buildup. For any of you who are interested I am also able to help you out with that.

With regards to my training there has been a change around on what days I do things and in the order I will now be doing them. I am going to drop some of my original work load and up the training weights and hope that this will help come the comp day. I have also started some fitness work combined with some ab work in the hope this will all help come the big day.


For any of you who would be interested in watching the Arnold, there is a live stream of the Event here is the link

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