Man Flu

I have been really slow of late doing the Blog updates, however here we go the last few weeks I was hit with some Man Flu virus and it has knocked me a bit in the last few weeks training. In the last heavy squats I did 210 for 3 sets of 3 in a belt and sleeves. Bench well my raw strength has taken a bit of a hammering and only managed 150 for a few sets of 3s the deadlift was going good though and I worked up to 210 for 4 sets of 3 with ease and that was done totally raw.
Now I have shaken this bug off I am going to sort of suck it and see how the last few weeks go towards the Masters, I may use some loose kit this week and see how it goes. My build up is a bit down now because off the illness but I have time to get some strength back before the comp. It has been good to get some raw training in and work on my base strength. On the weight side my bodyweight is also down and I am well under the class limit for a change.
Not long after the masters is the World Bench Press in England, this is something I have never done at an international level before so it will defiantly be different and a new experience for me.

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  1. Will Sykes

    Hi Phil, I have been following your website for quite a while now, and I am sorry to hear about your man flu. Rubbish! Looking forward to seeing how you get on at the World Bench Press in England. Will.


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