Life and lack of updates toward the Arnold Classic 2013

Sorry for the lack of updates of late but what with an unexpected move and the lack of internet it has been hard.
Right back to the business of Powerlifting………………. In a week’s time I will be competing at the ARNOLD classic in Europe. I think it is fair to say it has been a hard build up and things have def been adapted with the time scale and the disruption I have gone through. The last few sessions have been about where I would have liked to have been at this point in a build up, his weeks weights were 290 Squat,207.5 Bench and a 250 Deadlift. Body weight is going up and down but I am within what I would expect to be a week out from a comp. With a new squat suit on the way from TITAN and a few alterations I am confident it will be a great fit and look different. Anyway back to the ACE it is now said that there is some prize money at the event and that is good to hear and an incentive to pull ones fingers out and put it together on the platform. This is the first time that Powerlifting it going to be at the European Arnold and it is going to be a regular thing now and hopefully be bigger and better for the future events. I am hoping to get some videos from the comp and some pics for you all to check out. Next week I should have internet and after the event I can upload all the bits from the event so watch this space people.

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