Lets get back Traininig and Nrg Fuel

Hi Guys, well a quick updated on how life and training is going. We have now had the festive season over for another year and it is all back to normal now. Myself i did enjoy christmas and although i worked most of it the family enjoyed.
Well training i have sort of planned the next few months out and i am going to to the National Bench Press championships in March. Some of you may be aware i have done this event in the past and whilst i am not a Bench Presser i do enjoy it.Sort of a weird statement to make considering i hold the Records Nationally and at the commonwealth, i am a powerlifter and the whole thing is a bench press guy a powerlifter or not thing comes into mind
Powerlifters do three lifts and yes the Bench is a powerlift. Same but different comes to mind eh. Anyway for the next few weeks i am going to hit the raw training to get my bench fired up for the forthcoming event.
The start of the week was fun i popped up to see my sponsors Nrg Fuel at HQ to grab some supps and see how they are all doing. It was great to meet some of the Team who i have only spoken to on the phone and have a look around the warehouse and have a catch up. It was def worth the drive up and maybe i will be doing that a bit more often. Well i have benched this week raw and with loads of reps it is now time to deadlift and get back to four days of hard Training each week.

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