last weeks training for WEC 2012

Well here we are I have just done the final session of my build up towards this year’s Western European Cup.  I think it is fair to say I am now fully battered and the next few days rest up to the comp will be welcomed with open arms. The high lights of this week are a 250Kg Deadlift for a double, 207.5kgs on the bench for 2 singles. The squat was 300Kgs for a double and all done in my competition kit. My thanks goes out to the guys who have helped me in the gym and been there when I need a spot and a squeeze into my kit. My sponsors, Nrg Fuel for the best supplements on the market, also to Titan Support systems for the best Powerlifting Kit around.

This time next week the event will be all over and I will hopefully be a very happy chappy and achieved the lifts I want and have trained hard for, fingers crossed eh and let’s hope all goes well.

Here is the video from this week hope you guys enjoy it.

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