Last week’s Training before the Europeans

Well that is the training all wound up for the Europeans in the Ukraine next week, All I can say it has been a funny sort of week and the breakdown is

Squat comp suit and wraps did a good 280Kgs then had issues with 300Kgs I was unable to set it up and had to rerack it, I did try it again and it was not to be. I did try to do the lift again and we changed the weights around so there were less rubber weights on it and although I set it up better I was wiped out and missed it.

Bench, this went well I finished up with a double on 205Kgs, they felt good and I was well pleased with that result.

Deadlift I had worked up to 250Kgs and on the first go I missed it my grip went at the top. However I cleaned the bar and did another 2 singles on it.  Apart from the squat I have finished the Training cycle on a few Pb’s and I hope that the squat will be ok on the day.

I would like to Thank a few People for their help along the way. Paul from the gym where I train.  Pedro for the camera work and the help in the gym.  Scott and the boys for the help on the squats.  Bob Doyle for the massage throughout the cycle.  Nrg fuel, for the best supplements around. Titan Support Systems for the best Powerlifting Kit in the world.

Here is the Video from the week and let’s hope the training pays off next week

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