Last Week Before the Four Nations

Well Guys here we are a week away from the Four Nations. For me thing have not gone great towards this Comp but I will say in the last week things are looking better than they have done. I did my last heavy squat session last night and the others will follow soon also and then it will be relax till comp day and see how it goes there. Not to sure about openers yet I will prob be very conservative and see how it goes from there. For me I am looking towards the deadlift and my sponsor Titan Support Systems have done me a new deadlift suit and it is Funky to say the least.
I have also decided to get back on the TTP By NrgFuel with the weight loss I have had I am hoping that will get my weigh back up to what it should be, it is another great Product on their ever expanding range of Supplements. As a Sponsored Athlete with NRG I have had the chance to test a whole pile of the products they do. The boys there are developing lots of great stuff and it is well worth checking them out. Anyone of you guy’s in the Swansea area wanting to know more let me know I can help you out also drop me a email or something and I will do what I can to help.

Some more Good News it is looking now like I will be able to compete at the Arnold Classic next year, I have to speak to a few more people and if this dream becomes reality then it will be great I will keep you posted about the progress on the event.

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