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imageWell here is the run down from the home nations. I went with a plan in mind and to make up for the average performance I did at the World Masters last month. The squats went ok just missed out on a 300kg attempt. That left me with a 292.5kg second lift. 2.5kgs down on my worlds. Bench I opened a bit lighter to cut back on the warm ups and with some guys (Dave and Fran) helping me with a shirt and both not to sure how it went on it was the best option in my opinion. In fairness to the guys they did a great job and the end result was a 218kg pb bench. This was also a British open and masters record not only in powerlifting but bench only. It was far better than the 210kg I did in America
With my sub total being a bit ahead off my worlds I had planned my weights out to get me a possible total that would have given me the win in America also. I know it won’t change anything other than confidence but today was a good deadlift day for me. I made 3 good deadlifts finishing on a comfortable 252.5kgs and that gave me the 762.5kg total I wanted. On another note this also gave me the Best Lifter in the men’s equipped section
It was not the best result for Wales at the Home nations but well you win some and lose some. For me it is a pleasure to lift at this event and I get to represent Wales for a change off GB. For the guys who made it to Ashington it was a great weekend and a pleasure to lift amongst you. Big shout out to James Mcgill and Fred Mckenzie and their crew for a top class event.
Since the worlds I have had a look at a few thing I have done and changed and think it is fair to say there were a few things I should have done and neglected.
Since that is the last comp for the year and now I can have time to think about what I need to change about and what will work best for me. The British is not until February and despite it being a while away I am sure the way time is flying it will be here.

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