Here we go and Strongman weekend

What a week it has been back training full time and to a program for the Western Europeans in September. Changing a few things about and trying a few different exercises has been a good start to the program. The basic template is the same but there has been a change and some variety in the assistance lifts . This week we used some bands and a few chains to add to the fun and change the sessions around, both add something different to each lift and make you work a bit harder while you do them.

The main lifts this week were SQ  215 BP 145 DL 180. They were done with a few reps and a few sets on each lift. Four days training and in the morning was different to say the least Mon/Tue then Thurs/Fri.  It has been nice to have the weekend off, and days in the week to get the training done without going down over the weekend. In a few weeks I will get some videos done from the week and upload them onto my you tube page, at the moment there is nothing really worth watching.  This weekend is Celtic Carnage and for any of you interested there is a weekend of Strongman and MMA Who knows maybe next time they will hold some Powerlifting along with the strongman , check out their website check out the web site for more info and the details of the weekend. I am going to be down there with my Sponsors NRG FUEL. They are sponsoring the event and have some of their top class athletes down at the stall. Body builders Gary Linster and Martin Stevenson will be there, both monsters if you ask me, And also Rebecca Williamson a former Miss Britian will be part of “TEAM NRG FUEL”

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