Good News Incoming

With May now coming close to the end it has been a quick few months’ worth of training, it does seem to be gym comp and then repeat.  But after the last few years I figure it is something we have all taken for granted and with the world situation now coming to the new normal things we have taken for granted are now back on track. Well, the big news for me is that whilst I have a few comps lined up in the next 6 weeks I have now been selected to lift at the UK Arnold classic, in September at the NEC Birmingham. Having lifted there last year and now this time they are having lifting over 3 days now it is sure to be a massive Powerlifting event in the UK.

Anyway, that’s in the future and for now it is still mixing my training up for the British Masters Classic and the Equipped Europeans and that I have found to be a fun challenge in itself. So my master plan will be all being well win at both and then I have my options open for next year and maybe actually get round to a international in the classic side of the lifting.  Talking about classic I saw a video on social media with a lifter trying to get into some ridiculously small knee sleeves. Now this got me thinking and my thoughts were this, a knee sleeve is 7mm thick so going down in a size or 2 maybe even 3 would only stretch the material a lot more then it is designed for and I would think make it thinner on the knee joint. There fore it would possibly make the sleeve less effective. Now I do wonder if that would be right but it makes sense to me and well in my little world, I can comprehend that and make sense.

Anyway if you want really tight kit then just go equipped I think is the answer…..    

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