GBPF British championships

Well it is better late than never, here is the update from the British champs a few weeks ago.
Having made weight ok and I did think at some point that was going to be a lot harder than it actually was. Despite being a fair bit heavier in training than I normally would be that part was done and I think it was a mistake on my behalf and something I won’t be doing again.
With regards to the lifting I made my opener off 285Kgs and missed out on 295Kgs twice, first was hitting the racks on the way down second was on depth. Think it is time I found my old squat again.
Bench was a lot better with an opener off 200Kgs I then finished with a British Open and Masters record off 216Kgs upping my own record by 1kg
Deadlift went well and with 3 successful pulls I finished with 255Kgs the overall result was a 756Kg total and a start for the year ahead competitions and now the foundation for the year ahead training plan. Here is the video from the days lifting

With the Europeans now 12 Weeks ahead I now need to adjust and focus on the next one and that is defending the European Masters Title I currently hold. I would like to say how grateful I am for the help I have received so far.
If anyone would like to help with my quest to get to the World Championships later in the year in Denver USA, there have been some donations and I am grateful for any however big or small after all every bit helps. The link is

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