For those of you who lift Raw SBD Knee Sleeves

SBD Apparel is now pleased to confirm that SBD Knee Sleeves are formally approved by the IPF, with both SBD Knee Sleeves and the SBD logo now shown on the IPF Approved List.

The SBD Knee Sleeve has been designed specifically for Powerlifting, meeting the maximum IPF specifications, using a proprietary design, combined with premium neoprene and reinforced seams. In order to maintain consistent quality and regular supply, all SBD products (including merchandise) are manufactured in the UK.

As part of our IPF approval, we have committed to making the SBD Knee Sleeves readily available to those competing in the IPF Raw Classics in June, and therefore, the initial stock will be reserved for athletes competing in this event.

Our products will then be officially available for general sale in the UK on 1st June, at which point we will confirm our UK distributors. The SBD Knee Sleeves have an RRP of £59.99.

In the meantime, for the latest news about our products and our sponsored teams, who will be announced in the build up to the IPF please follow @SBDApparel on Twitter.

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