European Results and World record squat

Here is the run down from last week’s Europeans. Well after a long journey to the Ukraine and a very long days travelling I arrived at my hotel some 18 hours later.

There was not time on the Wednesday for hanging around it was more or less up and get down there. The trip and heat out there made it easy to Make weight in fact I was well under weight. 73.2Kgs. Having a bad last squat session I was very apprehensive how there were going to go. The warm ups went well still not as fully confident as I would normally would be. The first attempt went well and a good second with the World and European weight of 307.5kgs I felt great.   Disaster struck on my last attempt and some cracking on my upper back and pain was too much for me to try the 312.5kgs.  Still in pain and benching I managed two good attempts ending on 205kgs. Missing a 207.5kgs for the bronze medal. By now the pain was bad and it was all I could do to pull a 125kg deadlift so I could claim the record squat. Drug tested and then away to reflect upon the days lifting and the injury.  After days in the Ukraine it was time to make my way home. In a few short days I had a bus four plane trips a taxi and a world record. Long way to go but I am pleased. It Is a shame that the only way the IPF allow World or Europeans records at international events.  National events would be good and give me the chance to break this record and maybe a few others.  I would like to thanks the people who helped me with the trip. NRG Fuel for my supplement. Titan Support for the best powerlifting apparel around.


Here is the video with some of the lifts in


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