European Masters Sweden

So here we are in Eskiltuna, Sweden. This week it is the European Masters. I have to say the build up has been a good one towards this championships and whilst I may not have moved loads of heavy weights I do feel worked and year still quite fresh. Having mixed in the classic alongside this build up was a different challenge in itself.  With all best plans laid out things have changed a little bit, there have been some areas I would have liked to work on a bit more, guess that’s for another time and the next championships now. So with time now to rest up and get my mind set on the championships I feel in a different position this time, after all these years I still have nerves and do second guess myself on times. My last few training sessions have put any doubts I may have had in that area to one side.  My last session I traveled to Gosport to have a training session there with my good mate Dean Bowring. They have a great set up there and the guys and girls at the gym are really supportive of one and all. It was after that I sat down to decide on openers and my plan for what I would like on the day. Having spoken to a few people who I value opinions off I am in a real good place for this championships. The plan is running through my mind over and over. The mindset is one of the most powerful aspects off any sport. Whilst I may not be the 21 year old I once was I think my mind is stronger. Since turning into the Master 2 I have had to understand and adapt what I do. New age group new goals and targets to hit. After all I never ever thought that I would still be competing at this age when I first started I guess it is something that has just come along over the years and the time spent. I think that the hardest part of being in my situation was accepting that’s with getting older things have to be different. If I was to reflect back on my lifting career I do not have any regrets, it has been one hell of a blast and there’s a load of other aspects in my personal life that have been shaped from the sport itself and what I have gained and done within Powerlifting. It truly is a sport for all ages. 

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