European Master’s 2014

Hi guys well here we are the week after the European masters. Think it is fair to say this was not my best comp to date however I will say the win is the win and I have to be happy with that at this time. On reflection the lifts felt good even though I was down on my previous best lifts. My squats felt good. Shame the 300kgs never went and it should have been a comfortable choice on the last attempt. My big jump on the bench was a go at the European master’s record and was nowhere near close today. Surprisingly the deadlifts felt great my last on off 245kgs felt good and there was no real issues with that. In fact they felt better than they had done for some time.
So the run down was 290/205/245 for a 740kg total @73.9kgs body weight. This was also good enough to win the overall best lifter award by a single point. So that means class winner and best lifter for the last 2 years.


So what’s is next then well the worlds will be back in Pilsen in September and I now know what I need to do to get myself back on to form and push for the world title. Think my wakeup call has now need noted and a good shake up is needed. As always i am grateful for the sponsors and a big THANKS to Nrg fuel for my supplements as always they as top notch. Also to TITAN they have helped me with my kit for some years now and again they are a world leader with powerlifting kit.
Without people like this behind me it would make things harder to be in the position I am right now.
Here is the video from the lifting and as always if any off you wish to comment feel free not just on this but any posts that are on the blog.

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