European Masters 2013

74 Kg

European masters champion 2013, sounds good don’t it and what makes it special to me is the fact that i am one of the few who has won the European title at Junior senior and now masters. Wow that makes me sort of old don’t it
Well the break down from the lifting is as follows weight in went well and expected the weight was not really an issue at all. the lifting did not go as i wanted but i suppose on hind sight the build up was not the best it had been and i can only now look back and think maybe i should have done a few things different. Having a problem with depth on my first squat i had to retake it again and this was a success. i then moved on to the bench and after a press of 210Kgs i opted to try 220Kgs for a European masters record, this went half way then jumped over my head. onto the deadlift and a low opener secured the win for me, a good second attempt left me wondering if i could have a shot at the gold deadlift medal, Having gold on both the squat and bench we decided to go for it however 265Kgs was not to be and i finished with a dissapointed 750Kgs total. My wilks was enough to win the overall best lifter award, So gold overall then gold bench and squat and a bronze on the deadlift. I hope the links below work they are of some of my lifting from the comp.

Can i say a BIG THANK YOU to my Sponsors NRG FUEL and TITAN SUPPORT SYSTEMS their help has been first class.

6 thoughts on “European Masters 2013

  1. Paul Cooper

    Great lifting as always Phil. Love how you’re disappointed with a 750 total!

  2. Wyn Davies

    Hi Phil, just looking in for a catch up, awesome lifting boyo & great to see you getting better & better. Wish I had your joints!!


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