European Arnold Classic 2013

Well the Arnold has been and gone and it was a great experience to be part of the event, with not having the best build up and mind set towards the event I am more than happy with the outcome. A few issues backstage with my new squat suit meant that I had to do a last minute change into a looser suit and use that for the squats. The result was a new World and European masters record of 311kgs, another school boy error on my opening bench led me to take it again and finish with a 212.5Kg lift. Moving onto the deadlift I pulled 252.5Kgs for a 2nd attempt and a European Masters total record, the final attempt was 262.5Kgs for an attempt at the world masters total record and on this day it was just a bit too much. The final lifts were 311/212.5/252.5 for a total of 775Kgs at a bodyweight of 73.75Kgs.
Here is the link to my lifts and the full video of my day.

Well what is next I am a bit undecided TBH but I do fancy a raw comp to set a few people strait, there seems to be some people out there who only think I am able to lift with kit and not without. My main reason for using kit is that I am fortunate to have had TITAN Support Systems who have supported me for a number of years and I am happy lifting with kit, However this does not mean I cannot lift without it. Maybe I will find a comp and do a few lifts to show just what I can do without

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