Euro Masters 22 round up

This year we went back to Eskiltuna in Sweden and a fun fact I actually competed there 20 years ago as a 67.5kg lifter in the open. The venue was a new hall and the set up was just amazing. The whole team there did put on a great show, and the whole comp ram really well, they are hoping to hold something else there soon and I am sure that will be better again in some way.  

Squats. I opened on 265kgs and felt that was a good weight to being. Jumping then to 282.5kgs I walked out and was all set up wrong and then it was too late to adjust so that went all wrong. On my third i set up a lot better but halfway up I lost my balance and fell backwards. Funnily enough my Centre referee who was taking his cat 1 exam gave me a warning for swearing on the platform. Now if you watch the video from the championships, you can clearly hear me just giving a big roar out and no words were sworn. 

Bench on my last warm up I was all over the place so we dropped my opener down, despite that I still missed my first attempt and retook it on my second. Making 185kg this time I jumped to 191 on my third for a go at the European record and that was not too be on the day. 

Deadlifts I opened on 220kgs it moved well and then jumped to 240 and felt totally wiped out. Why I don’t know with those numbers I did on the day. I won the class and had Gold on squat and bench. Bronze deadlift and Gold overall and my first Masters 2 European title.

During the last few months running classic and equipped build ups together would need to be looked at should I have to do that together again. But we live and learn apparently. 

So, from here now it will be the Arnold classic and let’s hope I can actually have a decent comp and get some tidy results there to make up from what has gone on in the last few events. 

Fingers crossed 

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