Deloaded and focused

Here we are at the end off January and just under a month till the GBPF British championships. Things have gone well and to plan life and work has been busy and there has been a few changes to what I wanted to do this month but in general the training has been great. My excess weight from Christmas has now gone and I am back to a normal daily weight. For some reason I jumped up in weight and hit 80Kgs the main thing for me was I did not feel uncomfortable with the excess flab.
With regards to my training I have hit everything that was planned and this week it was my deload week. This time I dropped right back in weight to under what I would normally go to. The week ahead is the start off my final phase off the build up. The next few weeks I will go into full kit. Despite not being able to make my training I wanted at a few different places like I was planning to do. Work wise it has been busy and time has flown. So the forecast for the best few weeks will be heavy weights and some more cardio to help with my recovery. I can say I have really been enjoying my training over the last few months and I am totally focused towards a good comp and the final phase off my training.

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