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Happy New Year

Here’s to a happy new year to everyone and let’s hope things are going to be much better this year.

Well with the British Championships only a few weeks away now I am starting to wind up this training cycle and the inevitable hope it all goes well on the day thoughts are going through my mind. This training plan is based on some of the lifts I finished with last year and I am hoping it will be a good foundation to start the rest of the years training.  Having been selected for the forthcoming European Classic championships in March I want to get back into training as soon after the British as possible and I have a 6-week training cycle towards that event. I think there’s a big misconception out there that equipped lifters use kit all the year round and are not strong without the kit that does it all for us lol

However, the real truth is we all do a load of raw training in order to build the strength before the kit goes on then we transfer it too the real lifting.  Equipped lifting is so much different to classic as the kit does try to take you out of the correct form you have built up without kit. Working with kit is an art form in itself.

How are you guys doing ?

How is everyone doing in the strange time we find ourselves in? I guess most are missing the normality of day to day things and seeing family and friends. Then there is the Gym and that side of things that we all take for granted. For myself I have ben fortunate to have been working through most of this, however I do think it is strange at the present time and my sympathy goes out to everyone who has been at home on their own in the situation.  So here I am now sitting in the sunshine with a cold beer relaxing and wondering what the hell has gone on. Some would say that maybe a higher message was sent down and that ‘God’ sent a message to the whole world to sort itself out and take stock of what is going on, Pollution is down, roads quieter and most people are now having to limit just what thy are doing on a day to day basis, and us realising just how small we are in this world

That’s enough off the philosophical stuff eh. So, what have I been doing instead of going to the gym. Well I have had a few bits out of our place to do things at my flat. It is not the same and the enthusiasm, I do miss the gym banter and my mates who are there the comradery. So when I do get the urge to do some training it is limited but I have had to look at what I can do and work things out. I will say though on the whole my forced rest is making my body feel better than ever, yes I have gained weight, drank too much, eaten rubbish and not really exercised like I should or could do but then. Who knows it could be the thing I need to get me closer to the pipe dream I have of a 800Kg total.  Despite fretting older and the reality off my next comp being as an M2. I have had to think about that side and I am excited as that is what it is and I do hope to keep going for and do some decent weights for an even older man than I am now.  Strange this year I started with some clear plans for the first time in a while and then this happened.  I do think everything happens for a reason and you jut have to go with it and accept things that you are unable to change.

So for now I am going to sit in the garden enjoy the sunshine and relax  so stay safe guys and hopefully it will be over soon and we can all get back to normality.

British equipped 2020

So the British are soon coming up and I have decided to opt for the heavier weight class for this one.  I felt it was a better option for myself at this point with Christmas and then the World masters coming earlier this year and being combined with the classic worlds again being held in South Africa in April in Sun City.  Then we will have onto the European’s again at the usual time of year and not combined with anything else. 

So apart from that what’s happened. Well, nothing major, I suppose other than I have been a whole post of things about Powerlifting in general and things that people think make the sport. Flashing lights smoke machines and all sorts of SHOW thing like that.  It does seem that there is a percentage of people who think that’s how it is meant to me. There was a big thing regarding a USAPL championships and how that they had done something like that and that was the way forward and what was needed. 

Now I have lifted in America myself and it was far from all the glory of a WWE wrestling show. It was actually a competition for people to lift and try to do their best. Yes, ok music helps lift the atmosphere but where do you decide to add-in all the glorious extras that are supposedly wanted.  It does make me wonder what people think they need their days. We have seen the sport grow like there is no tomorrow and now we have multi-platform events that are hard enough to organise and run but without the smoke machines and strobes.  My opinion is when we compete we are a sport not a show and that may be an old fashioned view but if it is not broke then don’t fix it eh. 

My last point is there are lots out there who criticise instead if help and yes the sport does need to change with time but there are some things that are just pointless. 

World Champion 2019

So just to update you all about the World Championships in South Africa. For me the main task was to come away from the Comp as World Champion and that’s just what I did.

In the build up towards this year’s comp I felt my lifts were going well and as things don’t always go to plan, I had to adjust a few bits, I will say it did help me for the better and I felt confident going into this year’s Worlds.

One thing I did find strange was the Altitude in Potchefstroom and despite a few random nose bleeds throughout the week it was soon Friday and that meant Comp day, some last-minute weight loss that was defiantly unexpected. On the morning I weighed in bang on the 74Kg class weight and then had to rehydrate myself and have some food before the comp.

With being in a comfortable position to take the win I decided to adjust all the openers and take into account of the situation.  Dropping the openers to make sure of the win was the best option and kept me ahead of the other lifters in my weight class.

Making 2 successful squats and benches it was on to the deadlift and I was really fired up for this as my deadlifts had been going so well prior to the comp, Making my opener I jumped to 250Kgs and even though I pulled it well it was my grip that let me down and I dropped the weight on both attempts fair to say I was disappointed with that.

My total of 700Kgs was enough to be the 2Nd Best lifter in the M1 age group and that was a surprise.

I have now come home and had to evaluate the whole things and make some changes in the hope they will follow through into my next comp, in other news next years worlds will now be back in South Africa and this time in Sun City and be combined with the Classic championships.

So for now it is going to be some hard work ahead of the British Championships that are being held in January at Horncastle England.

Not long till the Worlds

I guess it is about time i update the blog page. I have just realised that this has slipped more than normal and I have not given it my attention. It has been easier lately posting on the social media sites and not really putting words down on paper well so to speak. So for some of the videos I have done check them out on there. 

So what’s new with training and all that stuff.  Well here we are a few weeks away for the Maters World championships and this year we are heading to South Africa, having been here a few times before but not to this part.  My training has gone ok so far I have changed a few things around in the kst few weeks and I guess it is an age thing really that makes you evaluate things. So at this point I am doing multiple sets of doubles. However I felt that I was not really recovering like I had some in the past. It was this that mad eme thing about dropping to singles for the top sets and just concentration on the lift that I am doing that day in training. Bodyweight has been good for a while now and I hope it keeps going like it has and the plan is to leave for SA around 75 kgs not 77 like normal. Having a sponsor who helps with my food intake is a big plus and Paleo Nutrition Wales have been a great help with supplying me with quality cuts of meat to help my diet.  Whilst I am not a massive eater I still have to eat and food prep is a big part of my weekly routine alongside the gym. It is not hard to take time to prep food and it does make a world of difference when balancing work life and all that.

Also having Titan support systems back me with my kit is a big bonus.  I have had some new bits and the main thing is a deadlift suit that seems to be fitting me well. I figure with it being a bit warmer a climate than I am used to I need to have a suit that is not super tight like I have in the past. Rather than have a custom I have gone for a standard size and I am really happy with the fit and how it feels when on me cheers Titan quality kit as always. 

For me the main focus in SA Is to win a and regain a world title I am not planning on any personnel bests just to make close to 9 lifts and bring the overall Gold back home with me.  

As usual here is the link to the nominations

And there will be a live feed also on the goodlift site for anyone interested in watching. This year I am lifting on Friday morning for a change and with SA being right down from us there is no time difference at all and that is a plus for me. Lifting outside you’re normal time zone is sometimes an issue but in fairness it affects everyone the same, well unless you are lucky to be living in the host country. 

European Masters 2019 Sibiu Romania

So, on reflection after the Europeans, I felt I should update my blog. Firstly, what a lovely place Sibiu is. Not quite sure what I was expecting but it definitely was not as nice as it was.
Having the heat over there was something I was unsure about other than helping me to move the last few pounds to make weight. For some reason it was not as I would have thought that would have been, the body weight did not come down as I have expected. However, saying that I did eat and drink more than normal up to the last few days. So maybe it was not as bad as I first thought it was.
Comp day, surprisingly I was a bit lighter than I had expected, it must have been the walk to the venue in the lovely morning sunshine that was done under duress cheers ’Frosty’
So making weight and warming up I felt quite good, first squat nerves are always for me the first hurdle and once that was done I decided to take a smaller jump than expected. This lead onto me missing the 282..5Kg on my second. I did however scrap it through in my last attempt to get the lift.
Onto the bench and this was what I had been pushing a bit harder than the other lifts and for the obvious reason that the fantastic bencher Mr Franklin took my single lift record. However today it was evident that the bench I had wanted was not coming out to play today. We dropped the opener after the advice of Coach Bowring and made 3 successful lifts ending on 212.5kg. Not all was lost I did win a bottle of Bourbon from the British record holder Phil frost on our bench off. Cheers, Frosty.
Deadlifts warm ups went well, so the opening lift should have been comfortable, however as soon as I started to pull, I felt my grip was really slippy. So, the inevitable happens I dropped the weight. I did redeem myself on the second and made the lift and more importantly, a total. With a few of us being quite close it was picking a weight to try to get in the medals for the deadlift. In the end I only made one good lift and dropped both my other attempts and today was no deadlift medal for me unfortunately.
So down on what I wanted and all things considered it was a reasonable day and the final outcome was GOLD on Squat and Bench. Nothing on Deadlift however it was Gold overall and still European Champion. For me despite it not being the day I wanted I enjoyed the lifting and was really looking forward to the championship. It is not always the case, having a bit of fun and enjoying it is a big part of the whole championship bit. This was definitely that.
On another note, I did manage to Win the Master1 Best lifter and that was a surprise with the total I had done I had figured I needed to do a bit more to be in with a shout for that.
Once again I would like to Thank my sponsors for their help and support, Titan, Nrg Fuel and Paleo Nutrition Wales for all you’re help and continued support. Another Big help is my Lovely lady who continues to get me to think about why I do this and what I should be doing during training and life in general. Thanks, Michelle for your support, and also a Big Well done on Winning the Euros yourself.


It has been a while since I did an update on the blog. So why has happened well fit a start I am now back into the kit ahead of the forthcoming European masters that will take place in a few short weeks.  Feeling good with the build up so far and with the weights slowly creeping up each week, it is starting to get a bit more serious with each session.  Cardio is a big part right now while I start to make sure my bodyweight is under control during the last phase of the build up. 

So I am still not in full kit yet and I am holing to keep my kit to a minimum before the day. I do try to keep some kit on but it is not always the full kit. My last session on each lift will be done in full kit to make sure I am lifting to the required rules. 

I have been posting some videos on my instrgam page more these days and for anyone who want to see them.pop on over to check that page out.  The link is at the top of the page. 

Welsh Championships 2019

So, I am finally going to get to doing my Post comp write up, Last week I did the WPA Welsh championships and lifted in my annual classic comp and overweight at 83kgs.

I weighed in at 77.5Kgs and it was a bit heavier than I had anticipated but when you don’t watch your weight these things happen. With the squats I did 3 lifts and finished with 240Kgs for a British Masters 1 record and for the day and build up it was defiantly the correct weigh.

The bench is something I had been working hard on prior to the Welsh in the hope that when I switch back to my equipped Lifting it would be right up where I wanted it and it would put me in with a chance of breaking my British record again and chipping that a bit more. The warm ups went well but disaster happened when I went on the platform. Not having blocks, I had to use some bumper weights and the whole set up changed. Missing my first and getting the 155Kgs on my second was not part of the plan. Fair to say the second was a max lift and down on what I had planned, a try at 160Kgs was just that a try it was not really going anywhere and tbh even if I had taken a smaller jump the outcome would have been the same.

Deadlifts went good 2 successful lifts and ending on 240Kgs with a final attempt at 245Kgs for a Welsh record in the lift and total was not too be, on the plus side it was not a grip issue it was just too heavy on the day.

Well what’s next, it is going to be a short break and then back into training for the Equipped European masters in July. Not having been to Romania before will be something that is different and also something to look forward to. The training is planned out and the focus will be to defend my Master title in the 74Kg weight class. I now need to be more consistent with my training plans and diet also. I don’t want o be leaving the weight drop till last minute and putting myself under pressure to make weight at the comp.

Training and the future

It has been a while since my last post and tbh I don’t know where the time has the time gone eh  

Well I am currently doing some raw stuff in the build up towards the Welsh championships in April. For me the dates all sit really well with my planned comps for this year. 

So far it is the Welsh in April, Europeans in Romania in July. Then the Worlds in Soth Africa during October. Then I think that will be it for this year. 

Reflecting on the last comp and despite not having the best performance it was still a Win and as always a building block to work off.  Really trying to focus at the moment on my basic strength and where I want to be at each point I compete this year. Whilst I don’t really do a yearly program I do have some ideas penciled in for each part. 

The Welsh is more than likely to be at 83kgs class well there is no real point in dieting for this one. However I don’t really want to be massively over the 74kg class limit, whilst being 80kgs in bodyweight feels good on times I figure it is not the best move for me. 

The Europeans this will be at 74kgs, lifting for the first time in Romania and amongst the vampires should be fun.  It is always good to go to different countries and to see how they run their events. 

The Worlds again I will be 74kgs and it will be South Africa and that is a place I have not been for some years. Having been there a few times before I am sure it will be a different challenge for me with weather and starting to lift very early out there. 

I have mentioned the bodyweight and whilst I would like to one day move to the 83s I have to think of the health side and the fact I am not getting any younger and with my hight I would be very robust. I am currently keeping an eye on the cardio side I do and that’s not just to keep my weight in control but also to help me stay fitter and healthy. The cardio side of my training I don’t find a chore like I have done in the past and that has to be a big plus for me. Also I figure while if I am fitter I can recover quicker and that has to be a good thing surely 

Diet wise having help from Paleo Nutrition Wales on board is a big advantage in helping me eat quality cuts of meat and with my food prep.  Again it seems funny that after all there years of lifting I starting to change habits and realising the advantages of things like prepping meals in advance, it is definitely making life easier and with only having to figure out what I can prep in advance of the batch cooking times. For this of you who buy food online you should check them out they have some great deals and I will say it is quality meat. 

British Equipped Jan 19 write up

Think it is about time I did my post comp write up from last weeks Equipped British.  The main thing for me was to make my weight class and regain the Masters British Title.

So here it goes.

Squats went 280Kg 295 then onto 305, a slight mis groove towards the top of the lift threw me off balance and it started to fall backwards.

Bench and here the roller coaster started for me, opening on 205Kgs and missing it on both my first and second attempts did nothing but put pressure on me for the third, make it or bomb out. We changed the shirt on this attempt, same size just a different shirt and it ended up with a 2 to 1 passed lift, wow thankfully it went that way and left me still in the competition

Deadlifts and using a new suit for the first time seemed like a good idea at the time, however I did struggle into the suit and managed to struggle to get to the bar, I managed 240Kg opener and then jumped to 250 and despite trying to pull it when I was all out off position just ended up with the bar being left on the floor. I did come out for the third attempt on the 250it seemed a much better lift but unfortunately, I dropped the bar at the top just as I had the down signal.

The final outcome was 740Kgs total at 73.9Kg bodyweight with 4 lifts out of 9

I had a game plan for the comp and whilst it did not go to Plan, I am not too disappointed as I know I can do much better and, on another day, hopefully that will come out, the whole build up towards the comp had been up and down with some underlined issues that I feel need to be addressed and will be before the next comp.  I do think that things do constantly need to be looked at as it is so easy to become complacent and not fully concentrate on training. And one thing for sure is I need to be fully fit to go into the rest of the year’s events.

So, from here on in it is going to be Plan A, and if you know you know