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European Equipped Bench Press 2018

Time to bring the blog up to date, So due to a personnel issue I was unable to compete at the Arnold Classic in Barcelona. Unfortunately this things happen and as much as I wanted to compete it was not too be.
However 10 days after the Arnold I competed at the European Bench Press championships in Luxembourg. This was only my 2nd ever Bench only international the first was the World Masters in Ashington, England a few years ago where I placed 2nd in the 74Kg Class.
So on to the lifting, on paper I was by far the biggest bencher in the class, during the warm up it was evident the bencher in me was not firing on all cylinders.
Under the guidance of my coaching staff Marc G and Dean B the decision was made to drop the weight down on my posted opener.
The first attempt went as expected and put me first on the board of lifters. The a stupid mistake on the second and a fail. After posting my third we had to play the numbers game to make sure I went last and was there for the win.
The final outcome was a fired up me going out for a winning lift and making 200Kg very comfortable and convincing. Pushing both Polish lifters in the class to 2nd and 3rd
So now with some rest time before the next comp it will be time to get back to full fitness and focused towards the British Equipped next January at Horncastle.
Big Thanks as always to my Sponsors
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