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World Masters Champion 2014

Well guys world champion. Sounds good to me if I am honest even though it was a poor performance on my part. Also best lifter at maters 1. Well after the main opposition going out on the squat it eased the pressure from me to be on top off my game. I had a go at the masters world record on the bench with a try at 225kgs however it was not to be and I think I was quite close to that so maybe In the future that will be going. Having a new load off kit from TITAN for this comp I have to say I am really pleased with the fit and the shirt feels great. My upper body strength was good on this cycle and there was no issues with that so I feel confident that in time the big bench will pop out. Again with myself being a bit down on the squat an deadlift I am pleased with how they felt on the day. It was a shame I missed that last pull for a medal in the deadlift. Check out the video from the worlds

So what’s next then well the next outing will be for WALES at the Four Nations in November. I do enjoy this comp and it is always great to lift under the Welsh banner for a change to GB. There is not a great deal off time to get in shape for this comp so it is back to full training and then hopefully this build up will be as planned. It is only a short build up and I have had to switch things around for this but I am feeling more like my old self and the confidence is flowing back into my lifting. Maybe this will be a good end off the year comp and I will be back up to full strength again. I am still pushing towards that magic 800kg total and Hopefully with things going good and in the right direction it will be there soon.
As always I would like to thank the sponsors who have been there and helped me along the way. NRGFUEL who I work with for my supplementation and TITAN for the best kit around today. Your help is always appreciated. Worlds 2014