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Four Nations 2014

Well that’s is it for this year’s comps GBPF Four nations is now over and done with it is a shame Wales did not win but I think the team did themselves credit and all lifter well under the circumstances. A mixture of experienced lifters and some newer ones was a good choice and I am sure the newbies will come away with a lot off positives from the event and use the experience to improve and move themselves forward.
As for myself I was pleased with my overall performance final lifts were 300/212.5/250 for a 762.5Kg total. This is 12.5kgs away from my best and I am def looking forward to next year’s events and now that things are going in the right direction I can now build on what is a true reflection of what I can lift.
I am not to sure yet as to what is going to be focused on for next year. I do know I now have some time to get back to some serious ground work training and get my raw strength up before I go back into kit.
As always I would like to thanks the guys in the gym who have spotted me in the build up. Also a massive THANKS to Nrg Fuel for all my supplements, Titan Support Systems for my Lifting Kit.
Anyways here is the video from the event, my second deadlift is missing but apart from that the other lifts are all there.


It has been a while since I did something on the blog sorry guys I just totally forgot about some updates.
So what’s been happening then right firstly it is not to long now till the GBPF Four Nations So here has been what is going on so far. I have been plodding along with my usual program and doing what I have set out. I had decided to work to a smaller weight than I normally would do for most off it I think it has gone well, There has been a few videos going around more so with phones rather than my camera. They have been posted on social media. This week I am going to get my last week’s training videoed and posted. It will be the final weeks training toward the comp.
So far the weights I have been up to are Squat 275Kgs, Bench 200Kgs and a 230Kg Deadlift. These have been performed with some kit but not what I am going to compete in that kit will come out on the day. Like I said this week I will be using full kit well full training kit and then I am going to be resting up for the comp

Needless to say the Four Nations is going to be fun and the WELSH Team are going all guns blazing for a great strong turnout at the event. It is going to be hard England have pulled in Dean 600 Wilks Bowring for their team but come on guys he is only 1 Man, from what I understand the Scots are doing a great job with the Venue and let’s hope for a great days lifting comprising off Classic and Equipped lifting. Anyone in the locality feel free to come along and support the event the details are