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Euro Masters 22 round up

This year we went back to Eskiltuna in Sweden and a fun fact I actually competed there 20 years ago as a 67.5kg lifter in the open. The venue was a new hall and the set up was just amazing. The whole team there did put on a great show, and the whole comp ram really well, they are hoping to hold something else there soon and I am sure that will be better again in some way.  

Squats. I opened on 265kgs and felt that was a good weight to being. Jumping then to 282.5kgs I walked out and was all set up wrong and then it was too late to adjust so that went all wrong. On my third i set up a lot better but halfway up I lost my balance and fell backwards. Funnily enough my Centre referee who was taking his cat 1 exam gave me a warning for swearing on the platform. Now if you watch the video from the championships, you can clearly hear me just giving a big roar out and no words were sworn. 

Bench on my last warm up I was all over the place so we dropped my opener down, despite that I still missed my first attempt and retook it on my second. Making 185kg this time I jumped to 191 on my third for a go at the European record and that was not too be on the day. 

Deadlifts I opened on 220kgs it moved well and then jumped to 240 and felt totally wiped out. Why I don’t know with those numbers I did on the day. I won the class and had Gold on squat and bench. Bronze deadlift and Gold overall and my first Masters 2 European title.

During the last few months running classic and equipped build ups together would need to be looked at should I have to do that together again. But we live and learn apparently. 

So, from here now it will be the Arnold classic and let’s hope I can actually have a decent comp and get some tidy results there to make up from what has gone on in the last few events. 

Fingers crossed 

European Masters Sweden

So here we are in Eskiltuna, Sweden. This week it is the European Masters. I have to say the build up has been a good one towards this championships and whilst I may not have moved loads of heavy weights I do feel worked and year still quite fresh. Having mixed in the classic alongside this build up was a different challenge in itself.  With all best plans laid out things have changed a little bit, there have been some areas I would have liked to work on a bit more, guess that’s for another time and the next championships now. So with time now to rest up and get my mind set on the championships I feel in a different position this time, after all these years I still have nerves and do second guess myself on times. My last few training sessions have put any doubts I may have had in that area to one side.  My last session I traveled to Gosport to have a training session there with my good mate Dean Bowring. They have a great set up there and the guys and girls at the gym are really supportive of one and all. It was after that I sat down to decide on openers and my plan for what I would like on the day. Having spoken to a few people who I value opinions off I am in a real good place for this championships. The plan is running through my mind over and over. The mindset is one of the most powerful aspects off any sport. Whilst I may not be the 21 year old I once was I think my mind is stronger. Since turning into the Master 2 I have had to understand and adapt what I do. New age group new goals and targets to hit. After all I never ever thought that I would still be competing at this age when I first started I guess it is something that has just come along over the years and the time spent. I think that the hardest part of being in my situation was accepting that’s with getting older things have to be different. If I was to reflect back on my lifting career I do not have any regrets, it has been one hell of a blast and there’s a load of other aspects in my personal life that have been shaped from the sport itself and what I have gained and done within Powerlifting. It truly is a sport for all ages.