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British Champs review

Again, a quick update on the British Champs, so it has come and now gone. It was great to be back competing and whilst the outcome was not the one, I wanted I, it was what it was so to speak.

So, with only making 3 out of 5 attempts I ended up with a 250Kg Squat, 185Kgs Bench and 200 Deadlift for a really poor 635Kg total however I did make the Bodyweight and weighed in at 73.8Kgs. now for me it was close on 2 years since I made the 74Kg weight class and that was the big plus for the day. I did miss a 270 Sq and 192.5 bench, the 185Kg was a M2 British record. So now I have a bench mark to work from it is back to the grind and looking ahead to the British Classic later this month. Doing my first British Classic was something that was on the cards for a while now the delay was as you all know Covid and the situation. I have changed my plan for the comp and again it will be at 74Kgs bodyweight class and the sole outcome will be to qualify for a Classic international at some point. My first year as the M2 has not gone to plan so a few adjustments is now to be expected. With the rest of the year ahead and now the option of some form of international championships it is time to look and see what I am able to compete in. for me the World Masters has been ruled out with short notice and the possibility of a family holiday I am waiting some other news on a championship

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For anyone who wants to watch the Equipped British champs the link is

2021 British Equipped Championships on Livestream

British Champs

It is about time I did an update on the blog side of things. So, we are a few days away from my first comp in 18 months. Yes, this weekend is the British Champs the real one you know equipped. So, with some restrictions around the comp, it is good to see a championships go ahead even if it has some restrictions. I do believe there will be a live feed for the championships if anyone wants to watch. I will post that up when I know what it is.

Training wise well with the prolonged training break I felt that being back training was best not rushed and I did not want to end up with some form of injury from going to heavy too quick, when tbh there is no real need to. So, all my programs have been very conservative and even what I have planned at the Champs will be well below what I have done before. My main aim is to make weight and all my Covid weight gains now need to come off, I did find being close to 80Kgs for some time was different this time and if I am honest was way to heavy for my frame, after all I am no giant am i.

So, the plan for this year has changed a fair bit it was my 1st year as a M2 lifter and I wanted to kick start it with a few comps and some classic ones also to (gasp and horror lol). Well, that has had to change but like all good plans you do have to change things around on times. Then recently we find out that for the moment there will be no international teams sent by British Powerlifting at the present, and I can’t say I disagree with that after all we need the world to start to come back to some normality, and possibly a new normality.

Onto the plan well it goes like this Make weight lift and then get back training a few days later ahead of the British Classic, where I want to compete and hopefully get selected for some classic internationals. Whilst my big come back I have focused a lot on my raw strength and it seems to be coming back just as I wanted, well apart from bench and the upper body stuff but I am sure that won’t be long before I am back to feeling like I used to in the gym and able to push myself a lot more.

It is good to see that this year the Arnold classic in England is due to go ahead and that will be a great event to go and see, maybe even lift at, this weekend is the first step towards the selection in that process.

So, guys and girls I hope you are all enjoying being back in your own gyms and back training smart. Strange how withal this that has gone on we realise how things like gyms, and being fit and healthy make a big difference towards everyday life.