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Gym Talk Interview

Here is a link i did for a web site called Gym talk about my lifting, thanks to the guys for the opportunity to do the interview.

218Kg Bench at the Nationals

Hi Guys Well here we are after the National Bench press and pleased with my lifting. Not quite the lifts I planned but happy anyway. Quick run down the lifts went 210Kgs, 218Kgs for a British open and masters record then a go at 222.5Kgs. that last one was a bit of an ego ,lift it was just over 3 times bodyweight attempt. So comp done and selection for the IPF world masters Bench Press in April was accomplished. Here is a Video of the Lifts from Saturday

So what is next well it is back into training now towards the British Masters Full Power in March. My quad issues from a while ago is feeling good and this week I managed to get some heavier squats in working up to 190 for 3 sets of 3 then a set of 3 at the end. All sets felt good and I am now feeling confident the leg will be fine and I can get on to my program towards the masters.

GBPF Bench 2014 last session before the comp

Here we are the week now of the GBPF Bench championships. Things have gone ok with the build up towards the weekend last night I had to do my last heavy session. I would have liked to do it before then but with life and family commitments I was unable to do so.
Last night I finished up with an attempt on a double with 212.5Kgs. not finishing the last rep I was still pleased with it all the same. Also I would like to say a big THANKS to the guys in the gym who have spotted me dressed me in kit all ready for this comp. Their help is invaluable and much appreciated.
Also to my sponsors, NRG Fuel and Titan Support Systems. These guy’s help it would have made it a lot harder to do what I do and try to be one of the best at it “THANKS GUYS”
Well after this it is going to be back into training towards the GBPF masters in March where I would like to put up a good total, Maybe hit a few PB’s also. I will start to fill the blog in a bit more then because there will be more going on from here on in towards the Full Power comp.