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Better late than never

So how are you all doing in these strange times ?? for myself it has defiantly been a strange year so far, So I think it is fair to say Covid-19 has been a pain in the arse for us all. Yes, we are wearing masks and washing our hands more than ever. Social distancing has become the new normal.  Alongside all of that is has become a on off year with training and as there are no competitions and very few planned for now. This was a big change for myself as I do compete a few times a year and if I am honest, I do like competing. So, with this being close on a year build up from my last comp to the next one that I have planned to do. With that I mind the comp will be the British Championships in March, that is as long as things don’t go mad again.

With all that said next year I now move into another age group and I hit the big 50 in March. Leaving the M1 was not done in the way I wanted and at the start of the year I set out some clear-cut goals. That was done for the first time in all the years I have been lifting and then it all went tits up. So next year I have some idea as to what I want to do and where I want to compete too. But this time I am not going to think too far ahead just in case. On the plus side I have been enjoying my training and still following a program to give me some thing to stick to and it has given me the opportunity to change things around and there have been a few exercises that I have changed around and some stuff I have toyed with to see how things go. Along with that going on I have a new found love for cardio. I did get myself a pushbike but after trying it a few times I figured I was better suited to walking than riding a bike.  I have been posting some videos on my social media for anyone who is interested in that check them out and feel free to leave a comment if you want. Now with a few weeks till Christmas it is still going to be full steam ahead on my program as I don’t want to slack off at this point with so much missed training this year already. Th focus will be hard training, cardio and a few subtle lifestyle changes