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Merry Christmas 2013

Well Christmas is almost here and the soon the end of the year. On reflection it has been a bit of a weird year and I have lots to reflect on and look back at the year and sort out where to go from here on in. For the moment the first stop is going to be the National bench in Horncastle in January. The slight quad issue is now sorted and the leg feels great. My burst with the reps is now all over and I have hit some high reps and at 40ish years old I feel like I am still on going and can be top of the tree for a while yet. I am going to put the videos of the raw stuff together and upload it over the next few days.
I would like to finish off with a few BIG THANKS to my Sponsor’s in the UK I am fortunate to have help from NRG Fuel, Top class supplements from a family based company. From the USA TITAN Support systems. The End of years was filled with some WORLD RECORDS Let’s hope next year brings WORLD TITLES

British Bench 2014

Evening guys, well just sat thinking it is about time I updated the blog again. Over the last few weeks I have hit the raw squats a bit hard, stupid reps like 10sss after knocking out a set of 10 on 192 I found myself with a slight quad tear. Lesson learnt and now I think it is back to normal reps from now on. Anyway onto the year ahead and I have now started to focus on the bench ready for January. Think we got about 8 weeks till the event and hopefully I will get into some tidy shape and stake my claim for a slot in the national GB team for the IPF world Masters bench press in England. Not done this event before so that should be fun and maybe see if I can get into the medals. I am now going to get back into what I know works for me and start to wear some lose kit on the heavy day. Also on the lighter day I am going to use some bands again I found they worked well with my speed work. Maybe even get a third session in during the week and going to a raw max daily single. AS far as supplements are going i am still using the Anabolic whey from NRG Fuel along with the 100% whey, both taste great and mix really well. Well worth a try if you fancy a change fro your normal supps